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4 definitions by crapulousity

Used to refer to a person who is picked up at a party or other social gathering purely for sex.
John:Did you hear? Becky was a take away at last night's party.
Kevin:Oh please. She's a take away at every party.

Mike:So are you going to the concert tonight?
Peter:Hell yeah! I'm hoping to bag a take away too.
by crapulousity March 02, 2009
When someone says they'll do something but backs out, usually with a lame reason or none at all.
So did mike show up for the rehersals?
Nah. He pulled an akon.
Man that guy's a joke. I never believe a word he says because he's always pulling an akon.
by Crapulousity March 02, 2009
A person who is full of stupidity. The kind of guy you wanna avoid.
Man that guy's such a toast. He annoys everyone he talks to and doesn't even know it.
by Crapulousity March 02, 2009
Means to leave.
Dude we gotta squalay or we'll be late.
by crapulousity March 02, 2009