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An abbreviation for "snicker quietly to myself." Meant to be a more-accurate replacement for "lol."
"That's what she said! sqtm"
by King Hajj August 11, 2007
Smiling Quietly To Myself .

More accurate then saying LOL when your not really laughing out loud.
When i receivced the sweet text my boyfriend sent me i responded sqtm :).

When my bff texted me the most hilarious text during history i was sqtm.
by groovybosslady October 04, 2011
Dan Hallmark, The Famous Plumber, actually started it. It was because he was tired of texting LOL, when he wasn't laughing out loud at all. Also, Ha Ha, wasn't cutting it. Snickering Quietly To Myself, was the perfect solution.
by Plumber Dan March 04, 2014
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