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A term used to describe anyone who sells the loyalty of their friends to the highest bidder. Usually accompanied by promises of 1- to 3-gb email accounts, which rarely work.
See also MegaSpycorp
man, they really know how to Spymac someone!
by anonymoususer November 17, 2004
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a place to do important online research into what people are eating for lunch, how much water they drink per diem, what the prevailing consensus is on the next Mac OS X version's release date, which shoe they put on first, what the best sport is, whether the Mac really is better than Windows, and other topics of scholarly interest.
"In an independent study, 11 Spymac users preferred mint-flavored gum to bubblegum! Bubblegum sux!"
by dank March 30, 2005
one of the largest mac user groups known to man. includes galleries, forums, and much more. a community where the basic common tie is that those who frequent the website are usually some shade of mac geeks.
zmai is a super moderator at spymac. everyone loves her
by DBRobinson November 07, 2003
One of the worlds largest online communities. Offers many great features.
Spymac now with 1GB of free mail
by Alex Brooks May 09, 2004

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