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A term referring to the scandal surrounding the New England Patriots when they were caught filming the New York Jets' defensive signals during their meeting in week one of the 07 season. The team and coach Bill Belichick were fined and the Pats had to forfeit their a draft choice in 08 because of the incident.
Joe: "The Patriots are only good because they cheat. Spygate proves they can't win without cheating."

Tim: "Are you retarded. Have you seen how they've played since then. Do you think they needed an advantage against the Jets. Besides every team does it but the Pats got caught."

Joe: "Yeah you're right."
by Ty Tass December 13, 2007
The term used to define when the 2007 New England Patriots were Videotaping the New York Jets defensive signals.
If the 2007 Patriots go undefeated, there may be an asterisk next to it in the record books, due to the spygate incident.
by Brian M P November 22, 2007

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