A nicely formed turd, tapered on both ends that pops smartly out of the bung. Also, the sound emitted by said turd.
1) Harpo left a warm glistening spunt on the lawn.

2) The turd burst forth from Harpo's ass with a distince "spunt"!
by Scarlet Mantooth May 06, 2006
Top Definition
1. terminated; used up; cashed (Adj.)
Hey man, this bowl is spunt. Do you have anymore weed?
by Johnny Cashed May 14, 2009
Mentioned by Fili Fil on the Filosophy. It's defined as the past tense of the past tense of spend. Spend, Spent, Spunt. When you dig yourself into a financial hole by the services you use.
Spunt Companies: furniture rental co, pay day loans co, title loan co, pay check to paycheck living.

1. If you sell your foodstamps you are spunt.
2. If you buy weave before pampers you are spunt.
3. If you have a nice car and a raggedy home you are spunt.

4. If you know the rules to furniture rentals but don't know how to balance a checkbook, you are spunt.
by Wotdadeal August 11, 2011
A combination of the words spud and cunt. A person who is both ineffective and not nice to be around.
Mate I'm sick of Johnno, he's a total spunt.
by BigNuts87 January 07, 2016
To having spent.
I didn't want to spunt that much money.

I spunt all my energy on the football field.
by pocketwizard1978 May 07, 2010
spending of the entire game pool without distributing the money to the rightful winners.
Man: Hey Mary, where is my money that I won in the football pool???

Mary: "Man, that money already done been spunt!"
by ccckc February 03, 2011
" That girl Leah is a HUGE spunt....not a skunt.....,but a spunt morally and socially unacceptable by all members of society not because of her looks but moreover her desire to molest anyone with a dick larger than 2 centimeters. Size is not an issue with this "spunt". You scream.....She creams!
by -----Ceckc------- January 24, 2011
pronunced (Sp-oo-nt)

means everything and anything, howvere it cannot replace the subject of the sentence
We had the best spunt last night.

Spunt off!

Please pass the spunt!

I'm spunting man.

This cake is spuntalicious.
by snowchick2221 August 05, 2009
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