A Derro commenting on the appeal of a person in a sexual way. Often someone that is sexually appealing and would like to be fucked.
Dude that chick is an absolute spunk rat.
by AMI April 11, 2004
Top Definition
A good-looking person, especially a young male.
Woah, isn't he a spunkrat?
by Rosa December 25, 2003
Attractive member of the opposite sex. Usually used with reference to the male.
Daniel Craig is such a spunk-rat!

He's so sexy, he's such a spunk-rat!
by Squameroo May 15, 2007
A really attractive, most commonly a male, who is also a bit of a ferrel.
"Oh wow check out that group of spunk rats"

by Dominique1994 February 14, 2009
An insult. A promiscuous man, a cad, a male slag, a man Whore.
Oh my gosh he is such a Spunk Rat, I hate him!
by Lady Cakey August 24, 2009

God damn that guys fucken hot...mmmm...good DJ 2 :)
Hay Paul...come fuck me Spunkrat :)
by Mix March 15, 2004
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