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A good-looking person, especially a young male.
Woah, isn't he a spunkrat?
by Rosa December 25, 2003
66 12
A Derro commenting on the appeal of a person in a sexual way. Often someone that is sexually appealing and would like to be fucked.
Dude that chick is an absolute spunk rat.
by AMI April 11, 2004
49 27
Attractive member of the opposite sex. Usually used with reference to the male.
Daniel Craig is such a spunk-rat!

He's so sexy, he's such a spunk-rat!
by Squameroo May 15, 2007
12 1
A really attractive, most commonly a male, who is also a bit of a ferrel.
"Oh wow check out that group of spunk rats"

by Dominique1994 February 14, 2009
2 5
An insult. A promiscuous man, a cad, a male slag, a man Whore.
Oh my gosh he is such a Spunk Rat, I hate him!
by Lady Cakey August 24, 2009
6 27

God damn that guys fucken hot...mmmm...good DJ 2 :)
Hay Paul...come fuck me Spunkrat :)
by Mix March 15, 2004
5 41