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the feeling of doing anything when your on methamphetamine
I've been up for hours and am so spun out.
by Jennifer July 14, 2003
a. A state of being; the actual nature of a person who is hearing voices that arent there, seeing shadow people, or thinking your neighbors cat is a narc. The ultimate sketch usually resulting from meth. speed, shard, ice, shit, poop, crystal, windows, glass, krystal, champagne, billy, go fast, deeps

b. The after effectm on your mind after years of hard drug abuse meth
"dude everyone's definition of spun out on here are so fucking weak i just had to put my own"

"that dudes spun out for life"

"dude im not fucking joking bro, he was hiding in the bushes for 5 hours last night spun out of his mind"
by Josh Allen (714 Ca) January 19, 2009
A state of mind after hours of psychedelic drugs use usually referred to when eating LSD but can also is applied to Psilocybin use.
"I was so spun out by the time bobbie came on"
by S the hippie October 14, 2007
The state one is in when under the influence of meth with no sleep for a few days.Spun-out
No man Im staying inside and close that damn curtain! I dont want to even see outside today, Im too spunout!
by piyox420andreev July 23, 2010
exhaustion from exertion or extreme partying
By the end of the night I was so spun out I couldn't drive home.
by peep May 02, 2004
The feeling of 'euphoria' experienced after a 45 minute spinning class.
I was so spun out after class that I couldn't move for an hour
by Tré October 06, 2003
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