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spumptious (spump shus) ADJECTIVE. To be sexy and delicious. From “scrumptious” and “pump.”
Randy- Damn, that girl gots more curves than Indy 500.

Ron- She's a great fuck, too.

Randy- How would you know?

Ron- I dated her. That's Lisa.

Randy- Damn. I'd like to bite her on the ass and be dragged to death. Why'd you ever break up with a woman that hot?

Ron- I musta lost my mind. Sweetest lady I ever knew. She is spumptious.

Randy- Think she'd go out with me?

Ron- Not a chance.

Randy- Why?

Ron- 'Cuz you're a friend of mine.

Randy- Not anymore we're not, you asshole! Hey! Lisa! Wait up!
by Maxhole June 23, 2009

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