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-pronunciation: spuhd-ee
-noun, plural -dies

-noun: two males who have received fellatio from the same female

-Origin: November 23, 2010, Americanism ; union of sperm and buddy
After Vinny hooked up with Kate, Jay considered him his spuddy.
by Jaydub022 November 23, 2010
the state of feeling nauseatingly sentimental and affectionate during courting.
I was feeling so spuddy that I sent her chocolates and flowers
by MeniMan February 07, 2013
a spud friend or buddy.
jason: "you're such a gangster."
laura: "thanks spuddy!"
by Jason Wallace June 21, 2005
"im going for a spuddy lad"
by loftus59 March 03, 2009
Short and fat, or thick.
Spuddy toes are ugly.
by Larstait November 15, 2003

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