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The sound made by a blast of diarrhea hitting the sides of the toilet bowl.
"I went into the bathroom at school and the person in the stall next to me must have been sick. All i could hear was one spudder after another."
by LiLiBoBoGeiGeiP March 06, 2005
6 4
Mashed potatoes when used as a condiment on dinner rolls or other bread-like receptacles, typically at Thanksgiving.
My dinner roll, dry as a dead-winter elbow, was greatly improved by a liberal smattering of spudder.
by MisterPuddles September 06, 2011
2 2
To take a dive, head first, into something... be it a wardrobe, a gas fire outside a pub or simply the concrete beneath your feet. Named after the ill-balanced man himself, Graham AKA Spudd!
We were standin' at the bar and some guy took a Spudder right into a table full of glasses. Looked really sore!
by Neldo July 24, 2007
3 4
Common word for a spudgun enthusiast.
Hey, fancy meeting up with the other spudders for a shoot?
by iMacThere4iAm April 30, 2007
3 6