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1. a hocker, loogey, slug on the ground

2. the act of hocking a loogey
Watch out that you don't step in that spuck.

Dude, quit spucking on the sidewalk. People walk there you know.
by budgieramone January 15, 2004
When you spoon someone and it progresses to having sex while remaining in the spoon position. To spuck or spucking.

spoon + fuck = spuck
spooning + fucking = spucking
We were cuddled up spooning one another and one thing let to another and we were spucking.
by stizwv January 13, 2008
The sound made when my friend Rhett is hit by a bus.
When Rhett got it by that bus, it went spuck.
by Grimmitte McCampbell April 23, 2004
the sound a ball peen hammer makes as it strikes the back of a skull.
Dude, are you in the closet with a hammer?

by zippy the spin head June 29, 2011
The most frequently used word in the language of Spa. It translates directly to buck, cluck, duck, fuck, luck, muck, puck, pluck, suck, stuck, tuck, truck, and yuck, though, for the most part, just fuck.
Shut the spuck up.


Spuck you.
by Spandi. April 16, 2007
The Navy Pilots handle for a special pilot named Chuck. It is meant to be "Special Chuck". Usually referred to a Naval Academy Graduate that always rode the "short bus" to class.
Spuck sure is special kinda of guy!!!!
by Karl Andina October 30, 2006
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