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1. An exclamation between men used to express sexual interest in a third party. (i.e. the "sound" of a sudden erection.)
2. A derogatory expression applied to someone who has stopped thinking rationally because of sexual attraction.

see also boing and shwing
1. Joe: "Whoa, check out that hottie."
Frank: "SPROING!"
2. Joe: "I was right in the middle of talking to Frank and he just got this glazed look and wandered over to the bar."
Ted: "Sproing."
Joe: "Oh." (looks over at the bar) "She's cute."
by C. Seggelin November 07, 2003
44 14
to jump or leap
He sproinged over the wall.
by bob's biatch December 08, 2003
17 7
Something between springing and flexibility.
I can sproing pretty damn high.
by Wildcat Miranda November 20, 2002
9 7
A sprained groin
You've been diagnosed with a severe sproing.
by Cpt. Obvious April 01, 2003
4 11
The noise made when the button on a woman's top that's just a little too tight explodes away and reveals a lot of cleavage.
*sproing* holy shit her boobs are huge that button put out my eye
by zufield October 25, 2007
1 12