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When a guy goes soft and then lays on his back telling the girl he's about to cum and the girl twists his cock around a few times and lets it go- making the cum look like it's "coming" out of a sprinkler going round and round
Yeah, Jessica gave me a sprinkler last weekend.
by Wammajamma December 06, 2010
2 4
When a female gives head to a group of dudes standing around in a circle, and then spits out the cum like a garden sprinkler.
Fish: Yo, did you hear that chick did a sprinkler on the entire boys basketball team?

Josh: Yeah man, she is an a.n.c.h.o.r.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
8 13
to put your thumb over the pecker hole when you cum. This creates a sprinkler efect, like your thumb over the end of a garden hose. Of corse you do this all over a bitches face after a blow job.
That bitch was so nasty, I gave her the sprinkler, and sent her ass packing.
by Jorpy12 February 28, 2006
12 18
It's when you're with a sexpartner (or alone) and right before you cum you grab a hold of the ceilingfan and spin around while spreading your seed all over the place.
Man 1: Man, I watched a movie with this uptight bitch yesterday.
Man 2: She didn't let you...?
Man 1: No. So i pulled the sprinkler in her livingroom.
by Van Houten December 12, 2006
4 12
when a man pulls his penis out right before cumming and put it up against the girls chin and cum so it sprays like a water fountain
My girlfriend likes to have the sprinkler done to her in bed.
by The Dominator October 14, 2003
5 16
Goes even beyong the term "Asmo". Besides goats this species goes for sheep too. And dogs, if he has too.
To "sprinkler" someone.
by Asmo June 30, 2003
1 15
6 mexicans, 1 asian, and 5 black people.
what do you call 6 mexicans, 1 asian, and 5 black people?
i dont know, what?
A Sprinkler!
it goes spick-spick-spick-spick-spick-spick chink niggah-niggah-niggah-niggah-niggah-.
hehe.... fuken' wierdo
by kaiyubi-kage December 02, 2005
8 23