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When u drive it makes ure ride look like its doin the moonwalk!
My Nissan 350x moonwalks wenim driving and my spres are so sharp u can cut bread w/ em wen i stop so holla @ me biotch!!
by Curt June 16, 2003
5 2
rims that just keep on spinnin
by October 09, 2003
58 7
spinning rim;spinners
he got some new sprewells on his escalde
by anonymous September 06, 2003
51 17
balla for minnesota t-wolves
aka the choker of his ex-coach carlisimo
by nycballa September 06, 2003
32 16
fly ass rims that keep fuckin movin even when u tell dem bitches ta stop
rims that keep movin
by young_star July 17, 2003
12 2
To choke an authority figure while in an argument.
That bitch kept screaming at me so I sprewelled her until her head exploded.
by stooptard September 06, 2003
26 17
Rims that spin when you stop
bling bling
by SnoopDogg February 02, 2003
17 8
rims that keep spinnin and them hoes keep grinnin
and them hoes keep grinnin every time i stop
by q dizzle June 29, 2003
18 13