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Usally used by people in the south, and/or 'thugs'
Meaning: Store
Yo im goen to tha sto, you bitches want something?

And dont get it twisted the south IS THE BEST!!
by Miami November 11, 2004
this means when you get in the way of somebody when they are trying to make money. paper, cheese,bread,are urban words for money.
my brother and his friends be ballerblocking me when they realize that i'm making more money than them.
by miami April 08, 2003
the nonstopping spinning wheels that catch hoes eyes.
by miami April 08, 2003
Infamous gang, based out of Sebring, FL
Them Young Crew Boyz bad
by Miami November 11, 2004
Slang for you and all
"Ya'll gonna go to the sto"
by Miami November 08, 2004

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