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Empty your machine gun magazine at target. Hope your attack will kill enemy, stop vehicle, etc...
Gangsters in the 30´s used a spray and pray tactic with their Tommy guns.
by CCKK June 21, 2004
A term commonly used amongst FPS players, "Spray and Pray" refers to the practice of unloading your clip in the general direction of another player in the hopes that you'll hit them. Generally considered a good indicator that someone is a noob.
If you're new to Counter-Strike, just spray and pray. Actually aiming comes later.
by J. Zabel August 20, 2007
Counter-Strike: You hold down the mouse button and empty the clip, hoping you'll get someone.
by J December 04, 2002
To spray & pray is to go full-auto with an automatic weapon in the hopes that the enemy will take at least one lethal shot to the temple.
"Spray and pray!!!"
-a desperate commando screaming this while going full-bore with his M60E4
by Dave September 10, 2004
have sex with a lady w/ no protection and pray for no children
OMG i just fucked that bitch and left a load. I pray there are no little hommies to become of this.
by BamMaster April 14, 2003
to rapidly fire a sub machine gun with out aiming hoping you will hit your target.
RDIm likes to spray and pray with a P90 when he is playing call of duty.
1. v. The act of wizzing to hard on the urinal and dampening the person next to you.

2. v. closing your eveys whill peeing and aiming for the urinal.
dude i was taking a pee and the guy next to me was doing the Spray and Pray and soaked my leg!
by deucethegreat2 December 09, 2010
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