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Having an erection, esp. while wearing loose-fitting slacks, creating an amusing tent-like effect.
"Did you see Jim after the meeting today? When he stood up from the table he was really sportin' a Woodie!"
by kBro April 17, 2006
1.a person, object or action that is weird, strange or off-kilter;
2.someone who behaves in a manner that is dishonest or unethical, but not necessarily illegal
1."My friends are all pretty krinkly, but then again so am I." "The 1959 Buick LeSabre had these huge fins like some kind of krinkly bat." "This dude came over last night and acted so krinkly towards everyone."
2."Krinkly people are always telling wild stories about me." "He found a wallet on the sidewalk and kept it, but made no attempt to find the owner. He's really krinkly!"
by kBro April 15, 2006
A citizen of the Land of of Fools, ie: a full-time fool. All people are occasionally fools; a Foolbian was, is and always will be one. Credit this one goes to my brother Todd circa 1972.
"George W. grew up to be a Republican, but he was born a Foolbian."
by kBro April 17, 2006

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