verb - the action of a man Big Spooning his partner, then achieving an erection, thereby poking his partner with his penis. In effect, behaving as both a spoon and a fork at one time.
Last night Linda asked me to spoon her while she watched The OC. I told her only if I got something out of it too. She offered by allowing to sporking instead.
by spissatus February 03, 2010
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The act of spooning with the addition of an erection.
we fell asleep... then when i woke up in the morning, he was totally sporking me!
by Rosie November 05, 2003
An phenomenon that occurs when a man and a woman are spooning, and the man gets an erection. Often leads to either anal sex, or a restraining order, or in rare cases, both.
Kimberly: I thought we were just spooning, but then I felt something hard between my ass cheeks and realized we were sporking.

Jessica: Cool.
by quockmacs December 22, 2009
Sporking is a phenomenon experienced
only by the male of the species.
Simply defined 'Spork'
is the awkward boner that the male develops
during non-sexual cuddling
with a friend of the attractive sex.
More specifically it is the time before
the friend discovers said boner
when the male has to move around a little
bit to hide it.

Generated from the phrase,
"Innocent cuddling?
Right. We all know what happens there.
Spooning leads to Forking!"

Dude, after everyone left the cuddle pile last night
it was just me a Sally, and i was totally sporking.
by the Domes (eli, ruthie, et al) January 10, 2007
to stab someone with a spork
that fucker is sporking everyone
by yayayyafjff September 01, 2008
The act of spooning with the male's reproductive organ placed inside the woman's buttcrack. Not fully inserted into the rectum, but just inserted enough so that the penis is "blanketed" by the buttocks.
hot dogs; sporking
by MPDOWD & NKG April 09, 2010
A kind of foreplay. Where the man has a boner while in the act of spooning.
Shannen: Baby, What's the poking me?
Louis: My penis.
Shannen: Oh ok.
*Falls back asleep while getting sporking*
by Stormmfreakk July 02, 2010

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