Disparaging term for black people; used because during afternoon hours their darker skin tone blends with the darkness of the night, leaving only the whites of their eyes visible, thus resembling a ghost.

circa mid 1900's
Well shucks dad, I was going to walk Shelly home but there were spooks all up and down the cul de sac.
by Tark Mwain May 13, 2005
Top Definition
A derrogatory slur for a person of African descent. i.e: Nigger
Dem spooks like to play bones and shoot dice.
by MistahTom July 26, 2005
A word to discribe a black person. Normally used by older folks in their mid 70's.
(Very old man sitting on his pourch enjoying a nice glass of Lemonade.)"I sure hope them spooks walkin' by don't pluck a watermellon from my garden."
#nigger #coon #banjo lip #monkey #smelly dirty ape.
by Durka durka durka durka October 31, 2005
A black person or nigger who looks particularly sneaky
That spook's been eyeing my car
by Old man withers August 03, 2005
a cia agent(s)used in 1960's america
that black suv is full of spooks
by rusty shackleford March 02, 2005
government agent. i.e. CIA or NSA.
We knew something was going on when the spooks showed up.
#spooks #suits #gman #spookz #spooker
by Scarf8ce July 24, 2006
more than one black dude,
fuck, there are alot of spooks up in here
by limer February 04, 2005
Racial term for an African American male that is often used to describe a feeling of disgust, anger, frustration, and the like.

See also - Jig, Nigger, Coon, etc.
I bet that damn spook stole my radio.
by SmoothWalker July 22, 2005
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