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In northern Ireland Spoof means to talk utter crap.
1. "I pulled 6 times last night"
2. "SPOOF"

by 182appleshampoo April 21, 2009
usually a cardboard tube between 1 and 2 feet long (tho it can be pvc or something else) with one end stuffed with anti-static dryer sheets and secured so the sheets stay in place. used for smoking doob in the dorm or at mom & dad's place when you need to disguise the odor.
if i wasnt using the spoof, the RA would definitely have nailed me!
by Chauncy Percival July 24, 2003
in Australia, spoof means cum, jizz, sperm etc. etc... we always find it funny when americans use it to describe a parody (see def. 1) hehehe. btw, to get the accent, the 'oo' sound is the same as in 'book'
she doesn't like the taste of spoof....
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
a parody of a movie, song, etc.
Spaceballs is a spoof of Star Wars
by Shanomac May 06, 2003
a copy, mimic or parody
That book was a spoof of the movie.
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
an object used to smoke with in order to reduce the odor. it is most commonly made of a paper towel roll tube stuffed with dryer sheets, and after taking hits, the smoke is blown into it.
"dude, we can smoke in my dorm room if we use a spoof."
by chris820 May 24, 2003
Sexual Play On Odd Furniture.
Zach came over to my house one day and we went exploring onto my basement where we found a odd piece of furniture and started spoofing. It was a great day
by spoofmaster October 22, 2011
A home-made device used while exhaling smoke through it to cover up a smell.

They are usually made by the cardboard roll of a toilet paper roll and fabric softeners. The fabric softeners are then put inside of the roll(you can use anywhere from 5 to 25 sheets of fabric softeners). Then you put a couple pieces of tape over one end to stop the softeners from falling out.
Jerry: "Use the SPOOF next time you exhale your smoke. It smells bad in here."
by robbob-JAKE-bob August 24, 2008