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1 - (noun) - semen
2 - (verb) - a man's climax
1 - Ew! Don't put that spooch in her drink!

2 - He spooched all over yesterday
by Cassi S. August 31, 2004
161 38
To reef down on some primo budz
Let's go spooch one down brah
by shibafu May 07, 2012
20 4
Female genitalia area between the clitoroos and anoos.
My spooch is NOT an erotic zone, Dumbass
by iggby April 20, 2012
13 7
Sweaty poo gooch. When the gooch is thick with sweat not from excercise or friction but solely because of the urge to poo.
"dude, I think you sat in a puddle."
"no, it's just my massy spooch."
by DaFraische November 10, 2008
21 18
A verb meaning "to spend the night". Can also be used to mean "spending the night" as well by saying Spoochin.
Are you spoochin tonight?

Kimmy plans to spooch Friday cause Mom says no one's allowed over Saturday.
by dsfrobots July 10, 2008
15 17
To steel a kill off someone else during a game when they have taken the other person's health fully down.
Loz is killing Tom, takes all of his health down and then Dave comes in and spooch's Tom; gaining a point for Loz's effort. Assuming that they are all on opposite teams.
by daaave1 August 09, 2008
8 38
the space right under the girls taint in between her legs that has about two or three inches in between legs. kinda like an upside down u. in my oppinion the sexiest part on a woman.
Look at that girls spooch! its freakin amazing.
by B n r January 06, 2008
7 43