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A single wad of spoo or stream of ejaculate that lands seperate from or in an unintended place from the rest of your load.
Dude, whilst aiming for your mama's awaiting tongue, I got a spooberry on the rich corinthian leather couch.
by ButtFuzz June 12, 2003
a spooberry is a soupy combo of spoo, and semi-solid turds of sorts! a spooberry is some runny shit that got stuck on an asshair and dried up, due to the action of hamming it up and the semisolid turds acting as extra build
a spooberry got stuck on my asshole and is really annoying
by slapapig September 23, 2003
A spooberry is not runny shiite or turdlets attached to your arse, arsehairs or parts thereof. That would be a buckleberry.
I was washing my anus and discovered a buckleberry hiding there.
by ButtFuzz September 16, 2004
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