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pronounce: (Spo-n-cho)
used to refer to someone that cheat someone else who's acting dishonestly (e.g. someone's trying to cheat/swindle/fuck you and you are smart enough to realize it and take your own advantage).

to do it sponcha: act/move/think as a sponcho
inside a super posh club:
A - damn,they are crazy 25euros for a drink!
B - ..wiht those money i could get a whole bottle of Jack..
A -, right..wait me here for a while,)
a few minutes afterwhile..
B - hey dude..where have you gone?you left me alone almost half an hour
A - unwound man..and shall we have a drink?(showing a bottle of Jack)
B - wooooww,for sure..where did you find it?
A - well..just picked it up from the bar,)
B - ohh tooo SPONChO!!!

at poker table..
B - hey fried what are you doing? you've lost almost half of you money with your fucking bluff
A - relax..i'm just let them think that i'm the sucker and then i'll go all in
B - ohh tooo SPONChO!!!

after the successful all-in
A - guys for today is over..
B - where r u going?'re crazy..right now that the luck is with you!!
A - so i keep it to make out with a nice chick,)see you..
B - ohh tooo SPONChO!!!
by yosoybeachboy November 06, 2009
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It is a kind of guy that is just about flawless. A guy that is unbelievably sweet, who will go to extreme lengths to make a girl feel loved. A guy that is crazily cute, so cute he can melt your heart with one smile. With eyes, that make your stomach jump when you look at them. A sponcho is a guy that is naturally good at everything. (Which can be very annoying at times). He is also a person who stutters quite frequently, and drags their feet when they walk. Also, a guy who is not always the smoothest... He has smooth moments, but un-smooth moments too. Which is cute in his own way. A guy who is indescribable, original, loving, and all around pretty amazing. If you find a sponcho... make sure to never let him go.
little girl- When i grow up i'm going to be a princess!
mom- Are you going to marry a prince charming?
little girl- forget that! i want to marry a sponcho!
by Skitter lover May 10, 2011
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