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as good/well as can be expected
"How's it going?" "Spoko spoko."
by spoko July 30, 2003
its a polish short form of 'spokojnie' what means 'take it easy'. in teen slang 'spoko'is used to accept or agree with sth. it means i.e. 'no problem'
-could you lend me some money, please?
-Spoko! No problem

-This kid is spoko.

-Hey! What's up?
-spoko, thanks
#spoko #wporzo #no problem #ok #fine
by olciaa July 27, 2012
Short for Spokane. A city in Washington State USA
Get your SpokoMojo. It's a wonderful SpokoLife.
#spokane #spokomojo #spokolife #good #fantastic
by spokojim September 15, 2007
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