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a mixture of sprite and coke
yo baby boy mix me up some spoke
by Hobo June 07, 2005
20 34
what a girl has on her a**hole BEFORE its penetrated.
If she has all of her spokes left that means she's never had anal penetration.
by Jay January 18, 2004
72 19
When used to describe ass-pounding...Busting spokes
"I'm busting spokes and stealing rims."
by spokes1124 December 13, 2003
39 23
a friend, or homey.
What's up spoke ?

Me and my spoke were rolling through town in the six four.
by Matthew C. Paige November 13, 2007
23 10
Agreeing with something said. Used generally as a response to something you find right.
"Dude that test sucked"
"Yeah you spoke"
by qwertypirate March 01, 2014
4 0
A combination of the words spoonand poke.Those cold evenings when all you fancy is a little spoon action and a cheeky poke.
Tonight will be a good night for a spoke
by Segb89 October 06, 2013
2 2
Pronunciation: \ˈspōk\
Function: verb

To derail a bicyclist by impeding wheel rotation with a foreign object.
This hooligan keeps riding their bike on the sidewalk. They don't listen when I tell them to ride in the street, so yesterday I spoked 'em with a pipe. Now, they don't ride on sidewalks anymore.
by drunn September 16, 2008
10 11
A "gang" in Winchendon Mass, made up of complete idiots, whose only purpose is to beat the crap out of anyone they dont like by ganging up on them. They also vandalize the few nice things that the town and the highschool have.
Johny: "Eric! What happened to your face?"
Eric: "The spokes beat the crap out of me because one of the members ex is going out with me"
by silent_justice August 15, 2011
8 10