To Perfrom the Vulcan Salute and insert it into anothers fanny and anus at the same time.
I gave her a rite good spocking, you know two in the pink and two in the stink.
by Geoffry marshall shaw March 27, 2008
Top Definition
A sexual act. Inserting the index finger and middle finger into a female’s vagina while pushing the other two digits in her anus.
The dirty bitch couldn’t get enough so I gave her a damn good spocking
by ben January 11, 2004
When you spin in your chair back and forth in a mellow, yet short movement. If you turn your head sideways, its totally like rocking. The result: spocking.
Today at work, we had a spocking contest to see who could spock the longest. It was gnar.
by spockingman August 23, 2009
Inserting two fingers into a lady's vagina and two into her anus at the same time, making your hand into Doctor Spock's signature hand gesture.
I did a bit of spocking last night and she loved it!
by TILF2 November 24, 2011
Making the spock sign with your fingers and then masturbating a male between your middle and ring finger.
I sat on my husband's lap and started spocking him.
by NeedADickin September 13, 2011
Stealing another man's girlfirend, fiancee, or wife.
man1 is walking down the street and sees a man and a woman together. he likes the woman. while man2 is away, man1 puts "moves" on woman1. When man2 returns woman1 is with man1. man2 runs away and becomes captain of a spaceship.

man1 just comiitted an act of Spocking. or he spocked woman1 from man2.
by PDHABigDaddy December 14, 2009
SPOCK is a sexual act that involves three up the pink, TWO IN THE STINK. A Sexual act. (Created by Oudy Darkbane and Cuntney(
Jamie spocked Sean and Luke in the shower.
by Oudy Darkbane and Cuntney December 22, 2004
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