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spew lube. the viscous lubricant produced by the mouth and throat prior to spew being ejected. also produced by deep throating, a thick lubricating substance produced in the throat, commonly seen in porn.
dude, i can feel splube i'm about to blow chunks, get ot of the way!
yeah baby, spit that splube on my dick and wank me
by sheer ted December 22, 2011
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A spliff containing a mixture of marijuana, pubes and tobacco. A combination of the words 'Spliff' and 'Pubes'
Dude, look at him smoking a splube!
by heyheyhey:P September 05, 2011
n. - an asshole that hates pandas, usually male.

v. - when someone no longer considers you a friend because you like pandas.

adj. - see ignorant
n. - the Splube went to the zoo and poisoned all the cute little pandas, the children cried.

v. - Ziggy, Magnum, Jiggy, and Norris who loved pandas were all Splubed

adj. - My Splube dad grounded me for a whole week for breathing his air.
by Kris Hardy April 03, 2011

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