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Sploosh Delay is the silence that occurs for about 2 or 3 seconds after a port-o-potty has been tipped over. After this silence, a fairly loud "splooshing" sound can easily be heard. At this point, whatever was inside the toilet will come flowing out of the openings at the top of the port-o-potty, and also out of the door if it was tipped on its face.
Hellraiser 1: Alright dude it's down! Let's get the fuck out of here!!

Hellraiser 2: I don't hear anything, was it empty?

Hellraiser 1: No man, that's just sploosh delay. Give it another second...there it goes!!

Hellraiser 2: That's fuckin' nasty!! There is fucking brown water pouring out of the top, and it smells like shit!!
by TZR June 26, 2005
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