(v) The act of losing a monstrous marijuana hit (usually from a bong).
(adj) A wasted marijuana hit.
(n) A device made to conceal marijuana odors, usually made by kids in their college dorm rooms to afraid to go find a place outside to blaze.
1. Jeff: Yo you've been chiefin on that bong for like 1 hour.
Frank starts laughing and blows the smoke out without getting a hit.
Jeff: You just sploofed a gargantuan hit.

2. Jeff: I'm trying to breathe in all this sploof smoke you just exhaled.

3. Frank: Remember that time we almost got caught in our dorm room because our sploof wasn't working correctly?
Jeff: hahaah yeah. You just made me sploof this hit you idiot.
by Cds October 20, 2005
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a plastic bottle with the end cut off, filled with dryer sheets, and covered with a thick sock; is used to smoke grass when you dont wanna get caught, cause it hides the smell
"i dunno about smoking here, someone might smell it."

"oh don't worry, we'll just use the sploof, and the room will smell dryer sheet-fresh!"
by anna banana August 11, 2004
A tube filled with dryer sheets, used for smoking dank inside yo hizzay with the rents home.
Yo blow that shit thro the sploof before my rentscome up here.
by BongMaster42O November 25, 2003
Stuffing Bounce sheets into a cut in half water bottle or paper towel roll to cover up the scent of marijuana.
dude blow through the sploof we don't need public safety coming up here again.
by LaMichael washin'ton December 13, 2010
a sploof is a device used to hide the smell of smoke, use it in combination with the window trick and you are a weedninja.
Person 1: Can we smoke in your pad?
Person 2: Sure bro, just use the sploof and blow out the window. My parents don't like the smell
by Superatomico June 29, 2012
An antonym to queef. A sploof is when a woman's vagina contracts in order to suck in air or other gasses/fluids.
"Dude I'm trippin about my girl, dawg. I think she wants a baby. She was sploofin' a motherfucker's wiener last night like her vag-patch was taking a Colorado bong hit."
by ImmortalTech August 27, 2014
A pornographic film whose name and/or storyline plays off of an existing film from the "legitimate" world of cinema.

From the joining of the words "spoof" (a take-off of an existing movie or genre) and "splooge" (male ejaculate).
I can't decide if my favorite SPLOOF is Edward Penishands or Foreskin Gump.
by TA Reserves November 16, 2011
Sploof (Noun)

1. Something that Pickled_Weasel doesn't know about.

2. Pickled_Weasel doesn't know what this means.
by Magichound July 20, 2004

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