Its a good idea, but possibly not, and i'm not being indecisive.
Yo, Nes, Pherhaps, SPLONGE!!!!
by Salty Samurai February 07, 2004
Sponge cake made using splooge
How much splooge is in this delicious splonge?
by Captain BU April 25, 2014
The word to solve anything.
What shall we do today?
What do you mean?
Whats 546x398?
What do you plan on doing with your life?
Do you like this pie?
by Splonge? December 07, 2006
To sponge is when you're totally dying to go for a wee and then you break wind. The act of releasing the pressure of wind make you accidentally dribble a little bit of wee. A splonger would be a person with a weak bladder and gaseous backside.
I should've gone to the loo already, I've just splonged.

Why did you just change your underwear, did you splonge?
by Bodley February 03, 2012
any gel-like gooie substance on something that should not have goo on it; wet sticky drippy stuff (colors optional)from a known or an unknown source.
I cann't believe he coughed splonge all over my notebook.
The other day I saw the same splonge on my couch!
by Brian Chviruk January 15, 2007

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