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A word that means whatever I choose it to mean at any moment.
True Elroy: you're not splointy ._.
AirialaX: splointy? o.O
Nestikal: splointy is nerd for hot
True Elroy: is not
AirialaX: uh...k
Nestikal: yes it is
True Elroy: not
True Elroy: splointy is just a perfectly good word
AirialaX: wtf is splointy then, royster? o.o
True Elroy: that i made up
Nestikal: it meant hot earlier
Nestikal: make up your mind
True Elroy: it can mean whatever i want it to >:o
True Elroy: it's my word >:o
AirialaX: what do it mean now? eh? eh?
True Elroy: maybe it means "nestikal sucks" now
True Elroy: splointy >:o splointy >:o splointy >:o
by True Elroy January 17, 2004

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