To fall and slide on the ground quite a distance away from where you expected the fallen object to land, eg lenses, pens, chnibbles, etc.
My eyeglass lens did a splizz on the floor. I can't find it!
by pentozali June 03, 2009
Top Definition
{Splizz}: A person who is small,thin or little in complete size. A southern slang word, or short for (Splizzrinkle).
Splizz is an american english word that dates back from around 1922. It is usually noticed as a slang word to describe a person who is small and cute, or little in complete size. This word is also short for "Splizzwrinkle" , or "Splizzrinkle". This word was first heard in the southern part of the united states around the coast of North Carolina. Early farmers who settled in or around Brunswick, NC used this term to describe their children. All three of these names have been taken for use online, so they are not available.
by Joshua Bartholow July 25, 2006
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