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Splinching occurs in the planning process when a plan that is being transformed into reality is missing critical elements. Often these are important legal requirements that were put in the plan to mitigate proposed impacts and to make a bad plan pass review with strong opposition. The result often end in dire consequences. Somethings can be fixed, but often there is a mess, and the develpers often wiggle out of them, or ignor the reqirements, because they will be much less pressure to enforce them once the plan is adopted. The problem is often exasperated when when the developer runs out of money and goes bankrupt.

Splinching also occurs during apparition process between when a wizard disparates (disappears) and apparates (appears some where else). Splinching is the unintended spliting of the wizard and results in an incomplete wizard. To undo the problem the Ministry's Accidental Magic Reversal Squad is required.
Activist one: This plan is going through some serious splinching problems. They aren't putting in the environmental safe guards like they promised, and the water coming out of here looks like an LSD experience.

Activist two: Where's the County's Accidental Magic Reversal Squad when you need it.

Activist three: There sound asleep in the bed of the developers.
by mlhiss March 29, 2008
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