A marijuana cigarette that is fat on the end that is lit and decreases in size.
Dude, that splif was some fucking chronic shit!
by TrueSublimeSmoker September 07, 2003
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A joint with tobacco and weed mixed together.
Dude, we don't have enough pot to make a joint! It's OK, man, just roll a splif!
by Spicoli August 13, 2003
a cigarette with some or all of the tabacco replaced with cannabis (also: 'secret agent')
If we pack a splif, it wont be so obvious.
by boker toker April 13, 2008
cone shaped doob. Usually used with talking about one mixed with tobacco but also just a fat joint. :)
That is a fat ass splif
by Jenna April 29, 2004
A piece of card board or thick paper that is placed at the end of your blunt, to make it so salad doesn't fly in your throat. It also makes air flow thicker.
My nigga JDubb just put an amazing splif in the end of the bleezy
by Nigga Tits January 30, 2009
Cronic joint or dubee
Andre Nickatina loves smokin splifs
by Rachel April 21, 2004
a blunt containing cannibus
Smoke a splif
by Brandi B June 26, 2003

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