Probably Chicago in origin, an extremely derogatory term referring to blacks, such as the black group that beat and robbed your brother on a public bus. In groups they tend to compete with each other in violence against white folk, always one cracker at a time. The lone splib tries to rape your mother alone at a CTA bus stop. Splibs, however, usually are informal and not at all gang organized, as the gangs have much more discipline, purpose, and leadership. When in splib mode, a splib never turns on another splib, but only whitey. Splib groups gel spontaneously and quickly disband after a bit of violent anarchy. It is impossible to come up with a more derogatory word. Somalia is civilized compared to the splibs.

"What happened to you?" "The fucking splibs got me." "How'd you get away?" "Well, they trashed me (folded in half and wedged into a garbage barrel) and took off with my sister." "WOW, pretty lucky!" "Yeah, that's about the first decent thing the splibs ever did."

"Hey, Mr. McGivney was robbed yesterday with a gun!" "Was it a splib?" "Naw, all the nigger wanted was his wallet."
by SW Sider January 01, 2006
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In the mid 60's, while in the Marine Corps, the term splib was used commonly among black and white marines. It was not used in a pejorative way by either blacks or whites but as a "hip", descriptive way of identifying a person, usually a male, of the negro race, such as in the phrase "splib dude". Likewise the descriptive and non-pejorative term "chuck" was used to describe a white person, however it was also used to describe the Viet Cong (VC), such as in "Victor Charlie", "Charlie" or just "Chuck" In fact, one might get vanilla or chocolate creme filled cookies that were included in the field "C" rations. These were commonly referred to as "chuck" or "splib" cookies.
The corporal is that splib dude
by asnakeintx April 11, 2007
At North Texas State University, 1964, splib was the common word for black African Americans used by the jazz crowd. Gray, or gray dude, referred to whites on a similar level. These were in common usage among many civil rights activists as well.

I did not perceive it as derogatory at the time, more a hip code-word among the jivers (those speaking jive-talk).
That splib band had a lot of soul; the gray dude couldn't keep up.
by Michael R. Harvey March 02, 2006
When I was a military brat in Germany in the 60s, splib was the accepted use for blacks, it was not derogatory at all. On the other side of the coin, 'chuck' indeed was the term for whites, and you even heard 'chuck white' to describe someone who was white.
To describe a group of blacks you would simply say they were all splibs.
by DougW333 November 19, 2007
This is definitely not a derogatory reference to blacks. With the 3rdMarDiv on Okinawa in the 60s, it was used back and forth between blacks as well as between blacks and whites. If it were derogatory, I would have gotten my ass whupped many times. Beyond Okinawa, in VN and later in Yokosuka, the term was prevalent and used in a non-pejorative manner. The term splib was used to identify blacks or African Americans in a non-insulting way.
Where are the splib bars? The splibs hang out in the "Hole".
by ceedee39 April 17, 2010
S.P.L.I.B. is a derogatory term directed at African Americans. It stands for "Some Poor Lazy Ignorant Black". This insult was common in the Detroit area in the 60's and 70's.
Man, check out that S.P.L.I.B. sleepin' on the porch. Must be waitin' for that welfare check.
by Floridiot2010 June 15, 2010
An African-American who acts like a fool publicly.
Dammit, every time Keyshawn scores he has to act like a splib!
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
The opposite of a " Chuck " which is slang for a white dude. A splib is a nigga.
Check out the lips on that splib they be massive.
by Moe Foe April 21, 2005

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