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Racking your scrote on a bicycle.
As I wiped out, I spleeged on my bike.
by Phartman July 09, 2004
to ejaculate, jizz, cum,
did you hear? Billy spleeged himself before his pants were even off. Jenny laughed her ass off!
by Shimdaddy May 22, 2003
It is the word I spelled wrong and decided to define. So now I guess it is a sexual term involving multiple gloves, a churro or plantain. Then a shoving motion into a Spanish pregnant lady.

¿Donde estas?

Lady: what are you looking for?

Oh nothing can I spleege into your ass.

Lady: Only if I can give you ebola.
The spleege outbreak in 2014 caused many abortions across the western hemisphere.
by Cuban Viagra Crisis November 13, 2014
a persons body part or organ being bigger then another body part or organ.
my ball is bigger then my other ball therefore i have a spleege sack.
by dan21steen September 25, 2012
spreadable cheese in a squeeze bottle.
after receiving his hotdog, he asked for some spleege!
by Paul J Parkinson March 22, 2005
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