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a squeel of exitement
You just won one million dollars!!!!
by redguardian December 12, 2006
Squeal of excitement.
winner:I win..splee!
loser:i like yogurt...
by cat-tron3000 February 02, 2008
A random cry or laughter of joy
example 1:
person 1- I'm going to disneyland!!
person 2- SPLEE!

example 2:
person 1- Ha! that was hilarious
person 2- I know Spleehehehehe!!!
by a true random person June 01, 2009
A word you use like Yay!
I won the lottery! Splee!
by bleepychick September 25, 2010
A Gay Queer
Ben is such a splees
by Brooke13 March 24, 2010
Spliff, joint, reefer, bifta etc.
Dude, let's splee the hell up and get caned.
Did you bring a splee to the club with you?
Dude, I could really do with a splee right now.
Christ it stank; people were spleeing up all over the place.
by Mr Horse. April 22, 2003
is a term used for every thing, from excitement to ejaculation. it also makes a good ice breaker if needed u use it. also works as a censor
yo bro i just Spleed in that girls face.


i so splee on u.

yo u little SPLEE get the SPLEE out of my bed and off my girl friend!

by tons o fun March 10, 2008

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