Generally used for external depostits of ejaculate on another person.
I pulled out my feather and splammed on her tits/face/ass.
by Garry Ladd June 06, 2005
Top Definition
If 2 homosexual men are having anal relations and man #1 ejaculates in man #2's asshole. When man #2 farts, what comes out is SPLAM (mixture of shit and spooge). This doesn't apply if a man comes in a woman's asshole (the term for that is LUCKY MUTHAFUCKA).
Mr. Garrison and Big Gay Al shared mad splam at the Blue Oyster.
by Delta Tango June 18, 2003
Being "Slain in the Holy Spirit" at a church function or event. It's when you can no longer stand under your own power, when the Spirit is so on you you fall forward or backward. Used in the Vineyard Church mainly.
"John was getting prayer, when the Spirit of God fell on him. He couldn't stand and fell back splammed".
by vineguy September 02, 2009
Spiced Lamb, by analogy to Spam. Often served in pitta bread, as a splam kebab
I'll have splam, eggs, splam, splam and splam
by pro-nun-see-A-shun November 06, 2003
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