vases, jars or containers used for spitting into, usually to spit chewing tobacco.
My grandaddy just spit his chew into that spitoon, I would not put those flowers in it.
#spit #spitting #cowboys #chew #tobacco #vase
by itsmeyo July 28, 2010
Top Definition
the object, usually a bottle, in which one who is chewing tobacco uses to spit into.
pass me that spitoon.
glass ice tea bottles make good spitoons.
by D.LAuf June 22, 2005
a container (cup, bottle, bowl) that is used to spit tobacco juice into while you are dipping/chewing tobacco. can also be used to discard lips when you are done with them. usually, arizona iced tea bottles work the best due to the fact that they are brown in color and can easily hide what is actually in the bottle. other good alternatives are coke, pepsi, or root beer bottles.
never put your spitoon next to a bottle of coke. you dont want to drink the wrong one by mistake
#spittoon #spitter #dip #tobacco #chew
by guitarfreakx27 October 25, 2009
Slang used in describing a girl worth banging but not worth dating, an attractive girl known for being easy, a female friend with benefits or a girl who is a crazy bitch that is unfortunately too hot to not bang.
Yeah, she's pretty hot, I'd use her for a multi-orificed-cock-spitoon.
#dumpster #slut #twat #hole #gash #girlfriend #mom #milf
by Super Jay May 28, 2009
A Spitoon is when a vagina is so large that you could spit into it's open hole
Damn that bitch's Spitoon is so big you could loogie in it!
#loose #whore #slut #easy #whorebag
by DJ Camel January 14, 2013
An object to spit in while throwing in a fat dip, preferably Grizz, but any brand is acceptable in a pinch. Typically given a rating from 1 to 4, with 1 being an object that is likely to leak and/or spill, and a 4 being a solid, sturdy reusable object with a closing feature such as a Gatorade bottle or a jar. Any object can become a spitoon as soon as it is used for dip spit.
This spitoon has treated me well, I'd probably give it a 3/4 overall.
#dip #spitoon #tabaccy #grizz #cup #spitter #chaw
by DatSpitoon July 30, 2013
the mother of all spitters.
this hydrogn peroxide bottle is of spitoon caliber.
#spitter #dip #candied cunt #grizzly #skoal
by cunt slayer December 19, 2005
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