Spitfix is when one can remove a visible spot on dark clothing with a bit of spit, or groom eyebrows with same.
"Hey, come here child, let me spitfix that little spot on your dress!"
"Ugh, mom was spitfixing my little sister's eyebrows."
by Prost June 15, 2009
Top Definition
To gape out a chick while lubricated with saliva.
1.) So did Niki put out last night?
No but I did spitfix her asshole.

2.) Dude, Niki is a total freak, she begged for me to spitfix that ass.

3.) Niki can barely walk today. Looks like she got spitfixed last night!
by The Man Whore August 15, 2007
To use saliva as a lubricant in a sexual act, before blowing out that particular orifice.
I'm going to head over to niki's and spitfix that ass!
by The Man Whore August 15, 2007
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