Woman enjoying sucking a cock while being fucked by another guy, usually she is on hands and knees.
There is nothing degrading about a woman enjoying being spit roasted. My wife absolutely loves it when we have another guy in our bedroom and she gets cock in mouth and pussy at the same time. We then swap places so the other one gets cock sucked. Great as both me and male friend get sucked by my wife and both get to fuck my wife. And she gets to suck 2 cocks and be fucked by both cocks. Everyone has a great time. So far we have done this with over 20 different guys. Some of the guys call regularly for our weekly spit roast.
by watchingWife January 27, 2014
A sexual act involving one woman and two men or just three men. Man one receives fellatio from the woman or man three while man two has either vaginal or anal sex with the woman or man three. This act is often the only male/male/female three-way combination strait males will engage in, as the men don't touch (save to high-five, thus performing the act of Eiffel Towering). This activity is named for it's resemblance to a luau pig over the fire.
Jenna was so drunk last night, she didn't notice when I came in the room and spitroast her while she was blowing Erik. She must have thought he was on both ends!
by Odytoboman October 15, 2012
A great sexual activity, that involves getting a chick, banging her senseless from behind, ass or pussy, while she gets a cock rammed down her throat from the front.
Lets spitroast that sweet looking young blonde babe over there
by Nick1401 August 16, 2007
to roast,
1 female (horney slut) 2 more than horney best mates and alchohol
1 up from behind and 1 being sucked off
rule 1, never sword fight
rule 2, never talk about any thing other than the job in hand
rule 3 enjoy, it may never happen again
if another player arrives he shall be known as the baster.
she looks like a bit of a go'er il she she wants to do us both

cool man yeah

remember if we do, no touching cocks

cool man yeah
lets do it
by l and gs dad April 06, 2005
two gentleman enjoying the hospitality of an open-minded woman. It is often necessary for the female party to adopt the "on all fours" stance in order that each of the gentleman may take position at opposing ends.
Pete Dick: "What did you do last night?"
TP: "Had a spit-roast with Colette and some random dude from the bar."
Pete Dick: "Nice"
by Pete Dick March 05, 2008
a girl taking it in the ass and giving head at the same time
hey mate - do you she would be into a spitroast???
by Dirty Sanchez December 13, 2003
In hetrosexual terms: The sexual act or process of a female party lodging herself between mulitple sexually rampant males while receiving anal and/or vaginal penetration and felating the erect male.

The female is often subject to intense abuse or degrading ridicule after aformentioned sexual act.
Male A: "That cum guzzling slut got ravaged last night"

Male B: "Yeah I knew she was a whore but I didn't know she'd be up for a spit roast"

by Kyzer & Roach March 21, 2009
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