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another word for weed
Officer: Do you have any weed?
Drug Dealer: Officer, no one even calls it weed anymore, its called spism
by Ron M October 24, 2010
A mix of spit and jism
After some great head, she hockered up a megaload of spism
by funkusmungus October 23, 2011
The True definition: Severe neck pain, brought about by all too vigorous self-pleasuring, normally at point of release of the motherlode.
Worker: Sorry Boss, I'm not able to make it in today; got physio later, and i'm on pain killers for my neck problem.

Boss: Spasm, or Spism?

Worker: Spism - the missus was out shopping last night, so I took the 'bull by the horns' and it all went a bit wrong. It's agony.

Boss: Bad luck chum - next time dont clench too hard, and no German telly.
by von hinton September 07, 2011
The coma induced by working in front of a computer for more than 18 hours a day. Indicators include, red puffy eyes, tattoo's, drawn cheeks, piercings, pale skin, and red hair.

Remedies include: Sun, Surf, and/or Basketweaving.

The affliction is aggravated by continued computer use and/or Redbull.
Fred: Dude did you see that?
Joe: What?
Fred: That chick is totally spism'd.
Joe: Naw, Jane is always like that, she works too much.
by King Joe November 07, 2006
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