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An online advertising solicitation sent via an Instant Messenger program, usually containing a link to a website featuring services such as pornography, credit repair, or prescription drug sales. Like spam, these communications are often sent under the guise of being a message from a friend. The links enclosed may also be used to spread viruses.
Come check out my hot new webcam! My sorority sisters and I are about to take a shower together! <click here>
by Dawn Davenport January 20, 2005
Instant messaging spam, from ICQ, AIM, or otherwise. (from Spam + IM).
Some biatch sent my spim over ICQ advertising her porno site.
by Spam H8R November 15, 2003
"Someone's pussy that isn't mine.". Used mostly in chat rooms or message boards to describe another female's sexual anatomy. (Acronym)
That thong only comes in SPIM
by Dreyah June 06, 2011
to regergitate semen having been ejaculated into ones mouth
After I blew my load in her mouth, she swallowed and them spimmed all over me... narsty.
by Jefferson March 31, 2005
Spim, n.
Any speech by bush or his gangssters sent electronically.
"Bring iy on" was one of the worst while he sent mothers' sons to die as he hif as safely as he cowardly hid in Alabama.
totally mad - a nutcase ( fruitcake )
he's gone spim, he thinks he can
arithmetise the calculation of the
circumferance of a circle with " pi ".
well he is wrong - he never gets an exact
equation anyway - this is how to do it -
STEP 1 take two lengths of thin card, length of thin card 1 and length of thin card 2 - length of thin card 2 is twice the length of length of thin card 1.
STEP 2 to the surface of each length of thin card stick, with ordinary glue, a length of tape measure, starting, in both cases at 0 on the tape measure.
STEP 3 now turn each length of thin card into a circle by sticking one end of the length of thin card to the other.
STEP 4 you can now determine the circumferance of the circle you have made from strip of thin card 1 just by looking at the tape measure you have stuck to its surface. the same applies to the circle made from strip of thin card 2.
STEP 5 now take an ordinary ruler and measure the radius of the circle you made with strip of thin card 1. you now know that a circle with this radius has the circumferance of the length measured on the tape measure. the same applies to the circle made with strip of thin card 2.
STEP 6 you can now build a scale - you could call these cicular inches . . . .

btw this is an 8 BYTE expression -
by blue screen bastard May 04, 2005
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