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n. A semi-attractive girl who fancies herself more attractive than she really is, and touts a rotten, arrogant personality to boot.

v. To spend unnecessary amounts of energy trying to let people know you're better than them, even if the other person does not even know or care about them.
"what is up with all this drama she's always trying to cause?" "i don't know, she's just spilcherin', thinking life is like high school. she'll grow up one day.. maybe"
by flowersarepretty May 08, 2010
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For a girl to leave her current love interest for another after deciding they are too atractive for monagamy.
"Why is he posting such depressing status' online?" "You didn't hear? His girlfriend pulled a spilcher on him".

"I hate going to nightclubs because they're full of Spilchers"
by MenutZz May 04, 2010

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