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More commonly a Chevy S-10 with a new paint job, rims, speakers and hydraulics.
"Man, I was watching TV, and I heard this shitty rap from the street. I look out, and, what do y'know, it was coming from a spic-up."
by Garret February 17, 2005
27 12
A rear-wheel drive pickup truck, that has been lowered, repainted, and the bed filled with sub-woofers. This truck typically cruises up and down the same street on weekends in an ethnic part of town. These trucks are quite popular in the southwestern United States.
by rob April 04, 2003
11 3
An old work pick up truck that is lowered down to the ground with chrome rims, usually beat up and assumed to be driven by Puerto Ricans, or spics.
Hey Joe did you see that crazy truck?

Yeah man, it was a spicup.
by Hunter chap May 05, 2013
1 0