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The state of being a spic and a cunt at the same time.
DBo (El Salvadorian): Dude I love Garfield comics. . .a lot.

Me: Dude, you're such a spicunt.
#spic #cunt #dbo #jace #bossman
by Jace Boss November 21, 2007
1. Someone that is both Spanish + is a total uncalled-for, unfriendly cunt.
2. ms_evelyng (a pseudonym), who tells people they should get abortions (how inappropriate)
Ms_evelyng doesn't like being called "Hispanic" and instead prefers to be thought of as "Latino". But I really don't care to respect that SPICUNT's wishes after she rudely said I should abort.
#spic #cunt #hispanic #latino #bitch #rude #inappropriate #abortion
by sb. October 17, 2008
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