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Used as an offensive term towards hispanics, makes fun of their pronounciation of the word "speak".
"I'm from the lovely island of Puerto Rico, I'm a spic. But you can never call me that, 'cause it's offensive."
by siescierto June 06, 2004
206 226
A highly offensive term referring to a Spanish-speaking person from Mexico, Central or South America, Spain, or Portugal
by benito October 12, 2003
4814 2332
racial slur for people of Latino descent
by benito October 12, 2003
3233 1418
A highly offensive term referring in a derogatory manner to a Hispanic person, i.e. born or descendant of natives of Spain and/or any Spanish-speaking country or territory in Central America, South America or the Caribbean.
You spics are worthless -- why can't you learn English like everyone else?
by Juan Jimenez August 27, 2005
2893 1669
A derogatory comment towards people of hispanic decent.
How come Hispanic people are allowed to say 'nigga', but if somebody says the word 'spic', they get stabbed?
by iHEARTsasuke August 18, 2006
1820 1143
An offensive word used to describe hispanic people. Comes from a shortening of the word "hispanic".
Those dumb spics are trying to take our jobs
by Patrick Hanna August 02, 2005
1891 1301
Never meant to be an offensive word. Actually when a Hispanic person was to be arrested it and no one could understand anything they were saying, The cops would write, "Spanish Person In Custody" (SPIC). It Was never meant to be offensive, just a description. People just take that and run with it
Cops: "We Have a Spic"
by eckz December 25, 2007
1008 623
A highly offensive racial slur referring to any Latino/Hispanic person. Latinos feel very strongly about this slur, it is basically the equivalent of calling a Black person a Nigger/Nigga. If you call a Latino this word expect a fight!
Random: Hey Spic!
Latino: Que Maricon!
Random: Speak english, you spic!
Latino then knocks the random out for being rascist.
by T.A.T August 10, 2007
1007 800