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also known as tego calde.el abayalde.
el q bellaquea debajo de una palma.Puerto Rico, represent the jolny society.
"mi negrita linda tiene...chiquititos los ojitos..."
by siescierto May 03, 2004
expression of awe, delight, or just plain amazement, of common use in the 50's...by dorks.
"hot diggity! that was good crack!"
by siescierto May 03, 2004
Inspired by The Strokes song by that name, the moment you give into a situation involving caring about someone, you lame softie you.
"yeah, i mean, i hadn't gone out with him that many times but when he played me the marley song... man it was 12:51 for me... i had to love him... of course the next day i left before he woke up..."
by siescierto May 02, 2004
Located in old San Juan (Puerto Rico)it's a barrio with a beautiful view of the beach. Also, if you want some drugs, it's the place to go.
"SHIT! my stash is running low, I;m heading to La Perla... gonna get me an ounce..."
by siescierto June 06, 2004
1.Roman goddess of love, chaste and otherwise worldly. Deriving from greek goddess Aphrodite.
2. Slutty goddess who slept around with most everyone in and out of Mt. Olympus.
"Venus must hate me! i haven't gotten laid in a greek century!"
by siescierto May 02, 2004
as in not complicated.
"god! why don't you get it?!?! it's so simple... I wanna DO you! do i have to spell it out for you?"
by siescierto June 07, 2004
Used as an offensive term towards hispanics, makes fun of their pronounciation of the word "speak".
"I'm from the lovely island of Puerto Rico, I'm a spic. But you can never call me that, 'cause it's offensive."
by siescierto June 06, 2004
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