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an outdoor picnic consisting mostly of wetbacks or beanshitters or puerto ricans.
Man those beanshitters are having another spicnic?
by Mc Netty June 26, 2005
Pronounced: (spick-nick)
A picnic on the grass of the side of a freeway, parkway, or
major highway. The picnic-ers usually seem to be oblivious to the presence of fast moving traffic only feet away.
Child: Look daddy, those people were having a picnic! Can we have a picnic there too?
Father: No son, that was a spicnic. You're not a spick son. At least not 100% spick.
by Ricardo S. / aka: Ricky RockStar February 15, 2008
a group of mexicans who organize to jump the US border.

mom look at the spic-nic going down on tv!

why yes billy they are stupid spics! look a flamingo is shitting on his chest!
by EricisAMAZINGx10 September 10, 2006
A Puertorican picnic. Usually such cultural festivals are held in So. Cal. every summer. The spicnic serves as just another excuse for Spics to get drunk in a park and shake their booties to that mindless jungle shit (when brain cells deteriorate at a rapid pace).
"I'd seen some great J-Lo-type booty at the spicnic yesterday, but I ended up with a no-assed white bitch."
by Etch September 11, 2006
A taco, burrito, or other mexican food bought at a cart or from a window.... eaten outside.
"I just got 3 tacos from the taco stand! Lets go have a spic-nic!"
by the hangar September 03, 2008
A group of mexicans having a cook out
Are you going to Juan's bbq?

Na man I ain't goin to no spicnic
by special sauce March 30, 2007
a latino lunch out doors often including tortillas, salsa and coronas similar to a picnic except lacking white and black people nor bologna sandwiches and watermelon
guy1; so jennifer lopez and marc anthony were caught at the park the other day

guy2; yea i heard they had a spic-nic he squeezed his lime into her corona then she wrapped her tortilla round his taco meat

guy1; sounds demographicly delicious
by mexicandoattitude September 08, 2011